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How To Find LASTING Results So That You Can Age With Ease And Not Have To Rely On Painkillers, Injections, Or Surgery??
Are you worried your back problem is never going to get any better? Have you tried "everything" with no real results? You're not alone, which is why I wrote this guide to help as many people as I can truly understand what is going on. Download the guide today!

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  • 7 things you've likely NEVER been told before
  • Why what you've tried isn't working
  • Why your problem keeps coming back and what you can start to do about it today! 

Meet Dr. Casey

Casey is the founder of Empower PT + Pilates and she too was frustrated with the lack of real results she was able to give her clients. Yeah, sure she was able to make them feel better in the short term but problems eventually came back. Due to insurance limitations, people almost never get the results they are truly looking for. 

Out of necessity to provide better care, Casey built a studio that put her client's needs and goals first. One that takes them beyond just pain relief (that's ease) but to LASTING results so that her clients can age with ease without fear of slowing down, missing out, or relying on painkillers, injections, or surgery.  

She is passionate about creating an environment that makes her clients feel like family rather than a billable unit (insurance talk). 
This Guide Is For You If You're...
  • Searching for a better solution that will actually last
  • ​Frustrated that nothing you've tried has worked
  • Sick and tired of this problem coming back
  • ​Worried about slowing down or "getting older"
What People Are Saying...
Mary R. 
"Just as I was finally starting to accept the fact that I was "just getting old", my friend sent me this ebook (guess she was sick of hearing me complain about my aches and pains). Thanks for helping me realize I don't have to feel that way!" 
Jessica H. 
"I felt totally stuck and like I wasn't making any progress with all the things I was trying for my back pain. Thought it would never get better. After reading this, I now know why all those things didn't work! So thanksful I found this." 
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